Remove under eye dark circles?
Curl your eye lashes for the most effect?
Accomplish a natural glow?
Make eyes look bigger?
How to get a sexy eye?
Make your eyes appear rounder?
Get that natural fresh beach glow?
Get the most out of products?

How to remove under eye dark circles?

To cover dark circles under the eye apply a creamy red coverage just over the darkened area.  The red will offset this color by neutralizing the blue color under the eye. If the discoloration is more of a purple shade, you must use an orangey-red in order to color correct. This will offset the dark circle and once it’s covered with foundation creates the natural skin tone.  A common mistake that people make is they tend to put lighter color concealer under the eye, this does not work since it does not match the skin and will only highlight the under eye circle.  Color correcting must take place first.

How to curl your eye lashes for the most effect?

Using an eye curler start at the base of the eyelash, while you’re curling, lightly lift the eyelid towards the eyebrow, it gives a nice bend in the eyelash.  

How to accomplish a natural glow?

The first step is to color correct all blemishes including under eye circles and get the face to a flawless canvas. To accomplish a natural glow you can use a tinted moisturizer, this is esp. good for men or a liquid foundation.  

Using color to make eyes look bigger?

If you want a wide fresh eye apply color on the upper lid and do a nice big curl to the lash.  Do not apply any makeup to under eye.  For a dramatic look and to really open the eye application of false eyelashes is perfect for this look.  As soon as you put eyeliner under the eye it makes the eye appear smaller.  

How to get a sexy eye?

To make the eye look seductive apply color to the top and bottom of the eye while also extending the shape of the eye outward to make the eyes appear longer.   

Using color to make your eyes appear rounder?

After application of your eye makeup try using a small flat brush to apply a small dot of bright eye color right in the center of the eye.  This will make the eye appear bigger and more round.

How do get that natural fresh beach glow?  Great look for spring fever

Mix a dab of Vaseline with all of our products for great results.  Don’t be afraid if you have oily skin, all you have to do is apply some mineral powder over your t-zone to remove the shine.  To accomplish this look, mix some Vaseline with our tan loose mineral eye powder, using a firm brush sweep it on the apples of the cheeks and the lids of your eyes, and even your lips.  Using our bronzer with a contour brush hit all the high points that the sun would naturally hit on your face, such as the forehead, jawbone and browbone.  For a little contour also hit under the cheekbone.  If you would like to take it further and give the whole body that natural glow use our bronzers and natural pigments mixed with Vaseline all over.  To complete this look just add a little mascara and there you have it – that natural just left the beach glow!    

How to get the most out of products?

The beauty of working with all natural minerals is that the product is so pure it could be mixed with water to create dramatic effects.  Pure products can also be used all over the body for multi purposes without the worries of irritations.  When used dry, our products create a flawless complexion.  For a more dramatic look dampen applicator before dipping in pigment.  For instance, use instead of a liquid liner for a more natural look that dries quickly.  Wet our angled brush and dab into loose or pressed eye shadow and apply under the eye. Loose eye colors can be mixed with Vaseline or clear lip gloss for lip coverage.  Dip clear mascara into our natural pigments to create customized mascara colors.  All eye shadows can be used as blushes, and lip colors can be used as cream blushes.  Great tip – use the same color all over your face as an eye, blush and lip color to accomplish that mono-chromatic look.